A Bathroom for Two

A Bathroom for Two

The Biggest Mistakes Inexperienced Users Tend To Make When Using A Barrel-Type Sandblaster

Vicki Roberts

From chipping away some old paint on a pair of metal sconces to preparing a vehicle body component for a fresh coat of paint, having your own barrel-type sandblaster around can be a rewarding thing. This machine uses compressed air to shoot tiny granules through the air at rapid speeds to chips away rust and corrosion, old paint, or even just dirt and debris. While someone who is experienced with sandblasters can successfully tackle all kinds of projects around the house, if you have little experience, you really have to be careful not to make a mistake. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes inexperienced people make when using their own sandblasting equipment.  

Mistake: Skipping the recommendations to use safety equipment while sandblasting. 

Why? A barrel type sandblaster has a receptacle for the granules and a spray gun that you manually maneuver for blasting the granules in a certain direction. When you are using this machine, it is imperative that you wear safety gear. The granules are being blasted from the gun at rates of speed so high that they can remove paint, which means they could also remove skin or get in your eyes. Anytime you use your sandblaster, you should be wearing:

  • safety goggles
  • protective gloves
  • a heavy machinist's apron

Mistake: Not adjusting the compression according to the material you are sandblasting. 

Why? Each type of material you are sandblasting will have a different density; therefore, it can only withstand so much pressure. If you do not adjust the compression for less dense materials, such as aluminum or wood, you will likely not just take off a painted surface during sandblasting, but also cause damage to the surface of the material you are working on. Lower compression should always be used on less-dense items to avoid causing damage.   

Mistake: Using the inappropriate sandblasting materials. 

Why? There are several different types of sandblasting granules that you can fill your barrel-type sandblaster with to perform different projects. If you are working on cleaning the paint from a metal car fender, you should use a fine-grain granule type for the project, for example. Using the wrong type of filler granules could cause damage to the piece you are working on. Many inexperienced users will grab a bag of sand at a landscape store and assume it should work for anything. However, it is best to get to know the different granule recommendations for each project and go from there. 

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from AC Blast And Paint.


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