A Bathroom for Two

A Bathroom for Two

Four Reasons To Use A Professional Restoration Service After A Kitchen Fire

Vicki Roberts

If you have had a fire break out in your kitchen and it was severe enough that the fire department had to come and put the flames out, then you will want a professional service to begin the work of restoring your kitchen to its original condition. Before you can even contemplate a new floor or new paint, you need to have preparation work done, and this should always be done professionally. The following are four significant reasons for this.

Water must be thoroughly removed

The water damage from putting out a fire can often be worse than the damage from the fire itself. But regardless of the extent of the water used to put out the flames, all excess water must be removed as a part of the restoration process. A mop and bucket will not suffice. Depending upon the amount of water and the surface it is resting on, a professional has a variety of equipment that can be utilized to remove it. This can be done quickly and efficiently.

A thorough drying must be done

Water removal is only the first step. All moisture must be removed to prevent the growth of mold. A professional has large air blowers to dry out all of the moisture on the floors, ceilings and walls. Equally important, they have the skill and experience to do a thorough enough drying to prevent moisture from being trapped inside the walls and floors. A poor quality job done by an amateur homeowner can be expensive in the future if mold removal work needs to be done.

Smoke damage

Although surfaces such as wood can be sanded and painted, other surfaces need a professional cleaning to remove both the smoke stains and the smoke odor from the kitchen surfaces. Examples include surfaces made from different metals and various plastics. Kitchen floors made from vinyl and linoleum can often be cleaned instead of replaced.

Insurance issues

A professional restoration service has experience working with insurance companies. They are likely to have worked with your homeowner's insurance company as well. They can often expedite the process because they understand how to communicate with a claim's adjuster, and can explain the extent of the damage better than you can.

Once the fire department has given you the okay to go back into your home, you need to call for a restoration service immediately. Don't bother attempting to do any work yourself. Keep in mind that these services are usually available 24 hours a day, so there is no need to wait to have a representative survey the damage and give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done. Contact a company like SNL Contracting to learn more.


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