A Bathroom for Two

A Bathroom for Two

How to Transform an Out-Building into a Dream Home

Vicki Roberts

If you're a millennial and you've decided to live at home with your parents, there may be an alternative to your living arrangement. This is particularly true if your parents have a metal out-building on their property. With the right retro-fitting, you can turn that old out-building into the perfect millennial home. If you're ready to have your own home without the concern of a mortgage payment, here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get started with the transformation.

Check the Zoning and Permit Requirements

Before you start transforming your metal out-building into a livable home, you'll need to check with the zoning and permit requirements. First, you should make sure that your parents property is zoned for additional living space. If it is, you'll need to obtain the proper permits. Make sure you have the permits in hand before you begin the renovations. Starting before you have the proper permits could leave you responsible for fines and penalties. You may also be required to demolish any work you've already completed until you can obtain the proper permits.

Obtain the Original Plans

Once you have your permits in hand, you'll be ready to pull the original plans for the building. You'll need the plans so that you know what modifications will need to be made before it can be transformed into livable space. If your parents don't have the original plans, you should be able to get a copy of them from the city planners office. If not, you can hire a contractor to inspect the building for you. They'll be able to provide you with details plans for the building.

Tackle the Modifications

After you have the permits and the plans, you'll be ready to tackle the modifications. Depending on the structure, there are several modifications you'll need to make.

Roofing—When transforming a metal building into living space, the roof is the first thing you should tackle. While the roofing may be adequate for its original purpose, now that the building will be used as living space, you'll need to have a new residential roof installed.

Operating SystemsOnce you have the roof in place, you'll need to move on to the operating systems. Depending on what the building was originally used for, it may already have basic plumbing and electrical service. If it does, you'll just need to update the systems. However, if there are no basic operating systems installed, you'll need to hire contractors to take care of the installation.

InteriorAs soon as you have the roofing and operating systems in place, you'll be ready to take on the final installation of home features. These features include residential doors and windows, lighting fixtures, and drywall.

If your parents have a metal out-building on their property, they have the beginnings of the perfect millennial home. Use the steps provided above to take advantage of the opportunity to create your own unique living space. For help transforming an out-building into livable space, be sure to speak to a house renovation contractor near you. 


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