A Bathroom for Two

A Bathroom for Two

Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing

Vicki Roberts

If you are looking for a way to update and/or redecorate your kitchen, you are probably going to sit down and prepare a budget (if you are not already planning on this, you really should). Once you start looking around at the home improvement stores, you may find that your budget is a bit lacking if you had plans on replacing the cabinetry. Luckily, there is an alternative option that will save you a lot of money, yet still give you the look you want. Contact a company that offers cabinet refacing services and discuss what you need. Here are just a few benefits of cabinet refacing when remodeling your kitchen.

Ease of Installation

If you were to replace the cabinets in your kitchen, it would involve tearing the old ones out. In addition, moving the new cabinets into place can be a bit of a problem when the units are large or oddly shaped. When you reface the cabinets, there are no problems like this because the cabinets themselves are not moved. Taking off the doors, removing the drawers, and even taking off the countertops are much easier to get done.

Like New

Cabinet refacing changes everything but the underlying structure of the unit. A wood laminate layer will be fit over the front of the cabinets once the doors and drawers are removed. You may choose to have entirely new doors and drawers, or have them covered with the laminate too. A new countertop will be put on. Finally, all new hardware will be put on. The cabinets will look entirely new. You may even opt to have the interior areas of each cabinet painted or stained so they don't look older than the rest of the unit.

No Damage 

Ripping out old cabinets can result in damage to the walls and floors of the kitchen. In addition, the new cabinets may not fit exactly the way the old ones did, leaving areas that need to be repaired, floored, or painted to match the rest of the room.

Refacing is the best option when the old cabinets' exterior is damaged. Painting over cracks, chips, or holes will not make things look any better. Refacing gives your cabinets a completely new look. If you have found replacement cabinets that you like, you can always have your current ones refaced to look just like them. Go ahead and look at new units to get an idea of what you want. Then save yourself some money by refacing what you have instead of buying new.

For more information about cabinet refacing, contact companies such as 180Kitchens.


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